Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Introducing 'Pumpkin' and 'Cocoa' Marotz....

Alex has been saving her money (from earning stars for chores AND selling some items at the garage sale) for mice.  She's been slowly collecting all the gear she needs ( I think she's had the aquarium in her room for two months now) and researching.  She conducted two in-person subject matter expert interviews (Dalton the small animal expert at our favorite pet store- Pet Evolution- was the best source!), library research as well as a few online sites as well.  She made a budget and planned to have enough food and bedding for three months before she brought her new friends home.
Introducing Pumpkin (left) and Cocoa (right)

We originally weren't going to bring them home before Daddy and I returned from his Yale MBA graduation, but on a scouting mission to the recommended mouse breeder (40 min from our house), they informed us that they were not planning on having any more 'fancy' spotted pups for a little while.  Alex already had all the needed supplies, so I bent the rules a little and let her purchase them from the store.  I think the below video proves that she was ready for the responsibility.

Percy is very interested in them, but they seem to ignore him completely.  The kids, however, spend hours in Alex's room watching the mice cavort and play-- too fun!

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