Sunday, May 31, 2015

Gunflint Lodge Day ONE

The day started off bright and early with a mini-hike to get Kolachi all tired out for the morning.  We worked on our canicross/skijoring skills, and took some photos of the North Woods in the spring.

 Meanwhile, Alex and Vera had a deep discussion about ..... well, probably books.
 After breakfast, we headed to the "Wild Edibles" hike, where we had a naturalist lead us on a hike and point out some new plants for us to nibble on/ forage!
 Blue bee lily- (in my wild edibles book, it is identified as the Corn Lily)-  leaves taste like cucumber when they are young.  Do NOT eat the flower!
 Alex enjoys a mid-trail snack-  Justin tried it a few times, but spit it out each attempt.  Just not his thing.
 J's legs gave out fairly early on in this hike (he HAD gone for a very long walk earlier in the day), but Auntie Carrie let us borrow the Ergo. 
 Labrador plant, apparently very rare, although this particular location has lots and lots!  We foraged some leaves to dry at home and make a tea- it is a rich source of Vitamin C (as well as perhaps a lice deterrent and cure for rabies?)
 After our hike, the menfolk relaxed at the lodge, eating complimentary fresh-baked cookies and hot chocolate.  Another perk of staying at Gunflint.
 Vera took an opportunity to visit the ranch and see horses for the first time.  We couldn't get too close, so we didn't get as big of a reaction as we were hoping.  I think she thought they were big doggies.
 Later on it was time to FISH!  Papa Bob helped Alex and Justin troll from the dock.  No bites today, but maybe later...

One of my 'goals' was to see Kolachi's reaction to being in a canoe.  Not surprisingly, she was a bit nervous about the entire situation, but more than willing to give it a go, if that was what I was really asking her to do.  We didn't stay out too long because it was still too chilly to end up in the water.
 After K and I got back, Dave took the kids out for their first canoe ride.  This girl is a great paddler.
This guy was a little nervous about heading "backwards", but he enjoyed himself.  Dave tried to get them to sing some of their favorite Okee Dokee Brothers songs, but apparently neither child wanted to participate.  Too much THINKING going on to goof around!

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