Saturday, May 23, 2015

Early Morning Adventure

Our neighbors invited us to go to a 'hidden' dog-friendly beach in Afton this morning.  We got the girls up and out the door at 7am, hoping to beat the regulars so that our pups could play without too many distractions.  I've never brought Kolachi to an off-leash dog park (too many variables out of my control), but the idea of a beach was one that I couldn't pass up.
We arrived (after all crowding into the minivan- K is in her crate) to be momentarily disappointed.  Because of all the rain we've had, the normal beach area was flooded. There was perhaps a 50 yard 'moat' that separated us from what looked like a sandbar (actually a legit part of the beach).  I'm so glad that my neighbor Ali is adventurous, because we decided to wade over and continue our morning.
Kolachi was VERY hesitant to wade across.  The water was chest/chin high on her, so I put her leash on to lead her across.  About halfway over she decided it was super-fun!  Alex was game for splashing on through, and we all made it over to the dry spot.  I'm super-glad we don't have alligators in MN.  That is all.

The dogs had so much fun running and swimming--  the girls played for a bit in the sand before putting their 'brave' pants on and just swimming in their clothing.  We had some 'emergency' clothes in the back of the car that they changed into for the ride home.  What a fun morning-- I'm sure we'll be back when the water recedes a bit, but it was really a neat experience to have our own 'island' to play on :-)

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