Monday, May 18, 2015

Congatulations, Daddy!!!

For the past two years, Dave has been travelling back and forth to New Haven, CT every other weekend to study for his MBA at Yale University.  Justin doesn't even remember a time when Daddy wasn't studying constantly!  If you remember, the deal was that if Dave got into business school, I'd get my puppy....who is now a beautiful almost-two-year-old girl.  So, while we've kept busy at home, he's kept VERY VERY busy at work and school.  And now it's over!

I got to travel out to Yale for the first time to see his 'home away from home' and meet his wonderful classmates- a very distinguished and brilliant group of professionals all in the health care field.  We had a full weekend of events and ceremonies.  Grandma Mary volunteered to stay with the kids so that I could go and cheer my husband on.  Papa Bob flew out to New Haven for the ceremony, so we got to see him for a few days as well.

I am so proud of Dave for balancing work, school and family the way he has for the past two years.  After talking to some of his classmates I'm only now realizing how much he was able to shelter us from the craziness and chaos of his schedule!  (I also was able to experience his commute from home to school and have so much respect for his positive attitude.  Three hours by plane, two by train with a smattering of 20-45 min car/taxi rides thrown in for good measure JUST to arrive at school every other Thursday!)

We are SO PROUD of you, Dave!  Woo hoo!!!!

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