Friday, May 29, 2015

Children's Farm Picnic

Today was Justin's last day of Children's Farm for the school year.  I can't rave enough about this program.  Today the parents and families gathered with children and teachers to celebrate a wonderful year together.  We started off (in a light drizzle) with some songs. 
 Then it was time to get to work!  Justin zipped off ahead of us-- I barely caught sight of his little blue rain jacket weaseling his way into the barn with the herd of excited kids.  Moments later, he proudly emerged holding the coveted lamb bottle! 
 These were some hungry lambs!

 After feeding the animals, the kids and families had free reign to wander and explore.  The children were supposed to give us a complete tour.  Justin certainly did!  We climbed up into the hayloft of the barn and saw all the neat things up there-- boards and hay bales and lots of room for imagination to run wild!

We visited the new kittens.  It was obvious that Justin is very confident in this setting as he unlatched the chicken coop door, ushered us in, re-latched the door and gently brought out a kitten for Alex to hold.
Then he showed us his prowess on horseback.  I do say that I was duly impressed!

He took us on a tour of the garden-- with blooming chives, and newly sprung potatoes, peas.

 We gathered a little hay for the calf to munch on.
 Sharp, pointy instruments.  All for preschoolers to freely use as needed...... 
 We enjoyed our picnic lunch on the grassy hill overlooking the outdoor classroom.
 I had to grab this photo of one of the 'pounding logs' that is in the outdoor classroom.  Nails, bottle caps and scraps of wood are pretty much always available for the kids to create whatever it is they can imagine.
 Justin's little friend joined us for a short hike to the "pine woods".  How I would love to have a piece of land like this for my kids to wander about on. 
 Beautiful, no?
 We were SO lucky to find this wonderful school, and  are looking forward to Justin's second year in the fall.  I can only imagine how much more confident and self-assured he will grow after another year of hard work and hard play!

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