Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Day in the Life of.... Summer version

Here are some quick photographs from 'a day in the life of Alex and Justin':
Picnic outside after our nature walk (which has morphed into a 'nature' bike ride).  Then we let the bunnies graze for a bit!  They've moved outside for the summer, and it is a much better working relationship now.  I think they enjoy having a room with a view, and they definitely like munching on fresh grass a few times a day!  The neighbor kids also love feeding them fresh dandelions and clover!

Our makeshift bunny tractor.  

 The boys' hutches outside-- they have a great little set-up, and even have their own fan for muggy days.  In order to make it a bit cooler for them, we also keep their coats sheared down.....

After lessons and some outside time watering our flowers, I normally hang out here for a while while the kids ride their bikes again.  I knew I'd be out here a lot this summer, so I tried to cozy it up a bit.  The rabbit statues are normally placed in cute but hidden spots.  Alex and Justin like to play with them too....

 Since the front of the house looks so nice this time of the year:

The three Iris bulbs I brought with me from Prior Lake six years ago have proliferated!  They are particularly lovely this year :-)

Lilac-- the bane of my allergies....but it's so PRETTY!
 After some more school, or housework, or errands-- whatever needs to get done- we might just hit the pool (today was our first visit for the season!)
 Looks like this summer is shaping up quite nicely!

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