Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I was shocked and surprised when I opened my homeschooling closet this morning to find two Swallowtail butterflies had emerged from the chrysalises we stored away last fall.  I was honestly not expecting them to make it!  As it lies, they either experienced trauma during their caterpillar transformation or did not have enough room to properly emerge and dry before we found them.  Both butterflies are a bit wrinkled and do not seem to be able to fly successfully.  We set up a makeshift habitat in the kitchen and put some sugar water and fruit in there to help nurse them to full strength before we release them.  Today it's 50 degrees and windy, so we'll wait for a warmer day

.  The kids are 'ok' with the fact that they might not live.  Alex talked about how they might become food for a Mama bird with babies.  Good lesson in 'the circle of life'..... and a good lesson for me to bring the jars out of the closet when the weather warms up a bit!

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