Thursday, April 16, 2015

Okee Dokee Brothers- exploring Minneapolis

The kids and I shared a really fun experience this morning.  What seems like ages ago (probably last April), I got three tickets to a concert in the MN Orchestra's Music for Young People series.  It featured the children's band the Okee Dokee Brothers.  I meant to get a cd or two and train my kids up before we went to the concert.  Fast forward a year later and we'd forgotten to do the pre-listening activities.  We almost skipped the concert entirely, but after I showed Justin a few of their youtube music videos, he rallied to go.  I am SO glad he did!

We arrived about a half hour early and were rewarded with what are easily the best seats in the house-- a box right up close to the stage.  Alex enjoyed identifying the instruments of the orchestra as the musicans came on stage.  Justin enjoyed having his own little space to dance/fidget/play in before the concert started.

Did I mention it was AMAZING to hear bluegrass folk music backed up by a full orchestra?  I really hope that they will release a recording at some point, because it was such a treat!

Because we were in walking distance of Daddy's office, we were able to visit with him, too! He had a lunch meeting to run to, so we decided to have our OWN lunch meeting.... at The Melting Pot.
It was admittedly a bit nerve-wracking to have two kids and a hot cooktop sharing the same table, but they were really good direction followers (as always) and let me do the majority of the cooking and dipping for them.

Except for the chocolate dessert.  They were experts at dessert.

 It was such a gorgeous day that we spent some time exploring downtown Minneapolis before heading back to the suburbs.  The kids were fascinated with the window display of a wig store!
And my nature-loving kids found a little green spot to play in.  Minneapolis certainly is a nice city!

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