Friday, April 24, 2015

Breaking a coconut

It was a grocery store day, which always means an experimentation day.  We had some extra canned pumpkin to use up, so the kids and I made really, REALLY yummy maple-pumpkin muffins (using this recipe).  We put pearl sugar on top to make them extra-fancy.

I have a policy that if one of my children shows an interest in a fruit or veggie at the grocery store, we will absolutely buy it and bring it home to try.  Alex and Justin have both had fresh coconut before, but they really had a hankering for it today.  So, here goes.  I should add that JUSTIN was the one who told me how to open it correctly.  The conversation went something like this:

Amy: "OK guys, as soon as we get home we'll figure out how to successfully get the meat out of that coconut.  There must be an easy way we can discover."
Justin: "MOOOM... just use a hammer and a screwdriver"
Alex:  "Or a chisel.  That would work, too"
Amy:  "Where did you two come from?"

So, upon returning home.....

And video proof.... we were babysitting sweet Sadie at the time, but she was nonplussed by the whole coconut experience.

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