Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Big Bike News!

Big things are happening here at the Marotz house....like having TWO full-fleged bike riders zipping up and down the sidewalks!
I returned home from my big adventure to 'discover' that the Easter Bunny had left Justin a big guy bike!  (That's what happens when one is four years old in our house-- remember?)  He had a few preliminary practice sessions with Papa Bob, and then took Gramps up and down the street a few times before just RIDING!  I've discovered that the most important part of teaching a kid to ride a bike is making sure they can mount and start pedaling by themselves.  Nothing gets old as quickly as having to help them start up every time they stop.  Therefore it fell upon the 'master' herself to dole out the majority of the pedaling instruction--
In a matter of minutes, he was riding like a pro:
And now I have two bike riders!

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