Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Visit to the Farm

My Grandpa Ed, Auntie Debbie and Uncle Danny live on the family farm up in Northern Minnesota.  My aunt and I were texting the other day and she informed me she had a 25 year old Italian sourdough starter that she'd share!  We took a look at our schedule and blocked out a day for an impromptu visit.  It takes about three hours to get up there, so we got up and hit the road to make it for an early lunch.

All of my kids (Kolachi included) had a BLAST!  They were all able to roam, run and explore.  Danny and Debbie kindly put their own dogs away so that my 'city dog' could experience farm life without sticking her nose in anyone else's territory.  She was even allowed inside their log home.

The gorgeous sourdough--

 While Debbie gave me the low-down on breadmaking with fermented flour, Justin discovered little boy heaven.

After a nice lunch, we went on a walk down the looong road to the gravel pit.  Kolachi was SO excited to be off-leash she got a little rambunctious.

She had her first swimming experience when we reached the gravel pit.  She wasn't quite sure what to think at first, but soon was hopping in and out of the water like a pro.

 The road got a bit long for Justin on the way back, but Great-Auntie Debbie offered him a lift.  By the time we were back at the house, he had figured out how to make her scooter speed up, down, and go in reverse.

 While we were off playing, Great-Grandpa Ed had been re-stocking the hen house with some eggs for my city-kids to find.  They had really been looking forward to collecting some eggs.....

  They were thrilled to pull the eggs out of the boxes and bring them carefully to Great Grandpa.

 I'm sure the chickens were wondering what all this activity was about!

We had a wonderful visit, and were all a little sad when it came time to head back to Woodbury, but we had a three hour drive ahead of us.  Next time we'll try to coordinate an overnight tenting adventure!

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