Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Perfect Day for Herding!

After our big Introduction to Herding, Kolachi and I have been attending weekly lessons in Clear Lake, Wisconsin.  Due to the cold/snowy/icy nature of this past winter, the kids have been great sports about staying in the car during the outdoor lessons.  Finally, though, they got to emerge and join us on the field for herding lessons.  Despite the hour drive to and from lessons, it is one of my favorite parts of our week.  Kolachi loves the job so much, and it is really fun to watch her work and learn how to communicate in a whole different way!

Alex and Justin take it all in stride-- they love Tuesday 'picnic' time, and now that it's nice out, they can explore the farm and visit all the animals during the lesson.  Today Alex was kind enough to act as my personal photographer-- please enjoy the photos below-- ALL of these photos are the work of my young artist!

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