Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring Snow Kitchen

Justin was so sad that he missed an adventure yesterday that we planned a whole new one for today.  This time we hit the "mosquito path", an unmarked trail not too far from our house.  The sun was shining again, and we didn't hike too far because we discovered such a fun playground in the woods--

Vines to swing on--
 Balance Beams for walking and teetering!
 Even Kolachi got in on some agility action/practice.  She also got to wear her own backpack today and pack in her own water supply-
 The kids spent a long time playing snow kitchen/house-- so I had some time to just relax and soak in all this beauty!
 Mmmm... snow biscuits, anyone?  Kolachi sure enjoyed them
 Yep.  Doesn't everyone's minivan look like this at the end of a nature walk.  We brought the 'stove' and three 'platters' home to live in our backyard.

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