Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and Francois

So, last week I reported that Alex was thinking about trying out public school next year.  That notion has now passed.  Once she realized that there are SIX classes of second graders in the local school, she also realized that the chances of being in class with her best neighbor friend were not great.  We talked about what she wanted from the public school, she determined that she wanted "Spanish" and "to go to school from 9-4pm all day."    We compromised by ordering a new Math, history and Spanish curriculum that we're starting immediately (we're pretty much through 1st grade work, so this lends itself perfectly for a new school year).  The first day of Spanish lessons were really fun. 
 I remember a LOT more Spanish from high school than I thought I did.  The curriculum is from Charlotte Mason theory, and focuses on teaching through language use and copywork.  Our first lesson was "Take the book, open the book, close the book".  Then we went through the same sentence formation for the words wallet and notebook. 


Libny said...

glad the decision was to remain home =) I'm considering buying the spanish book as well.

Unknown said...

Hi Amy

I would love to know how you are still finding the program Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason. I'm considering ordering it for my boys who are 6 and 8.

Thanks, Rowena