Thursday, March 5, 2015

Space Explorers

We headed to the Science Museum this morning to check out the new Space exhibit.  We got there right as they opened, so had the place to ourselves for a good 20 minutes....which is when the middle school field trips came FLOODING in.  Sigh.....  at least we had a head start!

As part of the exhibit, the SMM has installed a giant, three-story high astronaut in the stairwell!  You can't really tell from this shot, but the visor is actually a screen that you can project a recording of your own face on.  Justin got to be a three-story high space explorer!
 The Space exhibit is a special, traveling exhibit, so it of course costs a bit extra.  Because we are members, we get a discount, but I'd say it was still $10/person well spent.  Alex was fascinated with all the space memorabilia--
 A helmet from the Apollo program and Neil Armstrong's gloves!
 Besides the memorabilia, they had a really nice mock up of a room/bay of the International Space Station that actually rotated around you so you had a little feel of what being weightless would be like.  They also had a great display of the daily operations things that we don't ever think about-- food prep, bathroom issues, etc.  We operated a robotic arm to complete some experiments in 'space' and pushed every button available.  Definitely worth checking out!  The sci-fi type video of our future in space exploration at the end was pretty amazing as well.
 We wandered around the galleries (that the schools were NOT in) and came across Alex's favorite chromatography experiment.  Justin was finally old enough to kind of understand what was happening.  The volunteer commented to me that he was an AMAZING direction follower for a 4 year old.  I have to agree.

After we quickly saw the dinosaurs, we opted for lunch before escaping the crowded halls.  Who knew that Thursday was school day?

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