Thursday, March 5, 2015

Getting Fit- with two kids :-)

I feel so blessed that I stumbled across an article on Amanda Riley's Baby Body Balance gym a few months ago.  I've been looking to get back into working out, but my barrier has been what to do with my kiddos.  Alex is way too old to be entertained in a kid's area, Justin doesn't really want to go to one either and while it worked for me a few years ago when I needed to be ready to trek to EBC, the setup just doesn't sit well with me anymore.  Enter Amanda's AMAZING, kid-friendly Woodbury gym.  Alex and I work out three times a week while Justin is at preschool.  Half the time, she just reads on a balance ball, but today she got into it!  Justin was actually with us as well (you can see him rolled in a yoga mat burrito at the front of the shot), and Amanda is so good at working with (or around) children.  It's a dream come true to be able to do this and involve my kids!  So much better than plopping them in front of a screen in a kid's club while I get to exercise!

(as a sidenote, she trains people of all makes and models-- not just Mamas!)

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