Thursday, March 12, 2015

Geometry 101

Alex has really been rallying to 'try' the public school down the street for second grade.  I think we're going to let her enroll in the fall-- just so she has an idea of what it is like.  It's only fair to let her sample it.  (Of course, I'm secretly hoping that she will want to continue to homeschool, but being that she is such a self-motivated learner, she'll most likely do well wherever she is).  

So-- I grabbed a Houghton Mifflin 1st grade textbook to make sure that we are covering everything that the public school is-- and decided to jump into geometry lessons.  Such fun to combine art and math!
 We learned how to count points, sides/edges and faces and then how to draw the 3-D shapes.

 Even Justin got in on the fun-- he focused on which shapes could roll, slide and stack.  It's pretty amazing what he could pick up just by listening in on her lesson!
 Then there's this guy.  I'm not sure he's ever going to grasp the concept.

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