Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt- Preparations for Israel-

Grandma Mary came into town a few days ago in order to help me before Dave and I take off on our grand Adventure to Israel.  She was able to come with us to our church Easter egg hunt this morning!
One of the games was "roll the stone away from the tomb" on Resurrection Sunday-  It's pretty surreal that Dave and I will hopefully be attending Easter sunrise service at the Garden Tomb!
 Justin waited patiently in line for 20 minutes before getting a turn.  He had so much fun that I think we might need to find one of these little inflatables for a birthday party in the future!
 After decorating bags and working through the different Easter activity stations, it was time to HUNT eggs.  Unfortunately, I got no photos of the hunt itself, as there were 215 children hunting in a controlled chaos!  The kids had fun, though, and are all ready to do some fun Easter crafts with Grandma Mary this week.  Papa Bob will be flying in for Easter proper and the kids will get to spend some great time with family during the next few weeks.
Alex is all set to care for the bunnies all on her own every day, Kolachi is safely deposited at her herding instructor's ranch for two weeks of boarding and training, Percy is ready to receive some quality one-on-one time with his kids and Dave and I depart tomorrow (along with Brad) for Holy Week in the Holy Land-  a very exciting time for all of us! 

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