Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Art Institute visit

We started off the day with a puppet play- "The Biggest Little House in the Forest" at the Children's Theater Company.  Alex and I were excited to don our puppet socks, but Justin refused.  Too silly, apparently?
 Waiting in the lobby for the performance-- it was a one-woman puppet show in the side theater, which I'd never been to.  Very nice!  Recommended for little ones (Alex was a tad old, but she was a good sport as bubbles and feathers flew around her)
 As we often do, we hit the Art Institute afterwards.  This time I zeroed in on a fantastic painting-- I haven't updated with Kolachi's herding progress, but we've been taking weekly lessons, and someday, when it's warm enough to have Alex out taking photos, we'll get you up to date!
 Justin really likes this puppy--
 But the hit of the day was a digital installation that looked like "floating moon rocks covered with paint and gum" (per Alex).  This was the perfect spot to relax and kick back for a few minutes.
 In fact, these guys enjoyed it for about 10 minutes!  You can tell they get very limited screen time!

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