Saturday, February 21, 2015

Valentine's Day in SLC

I received a surprise Valentine's present delivered to the hotel room a few days ago, so that was our 'traditional' celebration.  (Thanks, Dave-- they were YUMMY!)

Today, our flight left SLC at 5:30pm.  We were to check out of the Cliff at 10am.  That left a whole lot of time in between.  So, I did some quick research and we found out that the light rail in SLC goes straight from the airport to Temple Square.  Destination acquired!  We checked in our bags at the 6 hour before flight mark that Delta has, and we were off on an adventure!
(our co-navigator was only too glad to read a train map!)

Our first stop was at The Garden restaurant overlooking the Temple.  Lunch was really good (the peach lemonade divine) and we all had full tummies so we could explore.

Surprise #1:  Valentine's hearts at lunch!  What a cute idea to hand out to the kids today--  although I felt REALLY old when I discovered one that said "TXT ME"

 Surprise #2 (perhaps the BEST discovery according to the kids)- spring bulbs sprouting!  What a great feeling to see the green pushing up!  It gives us hope that our spring in Minnesota will indeed be here.  Someday.

The kids were in heaven, running from bed to bed to bed.  They did NOT want to go inside any buildings or Visitors Centers.  Only check out the gardens.

I found the statues of mothers and children in the square to be very touching (I may have teared up a bit).  Brad had told me about them, so I was on the lookout, and I'm so glad he mentioned them because I appreciated them immensely!

It was a gorgeous day to be outside, in a beautiful spot with such a welcoming and peaceful feeling.  

 We FINALLY convinced the kids to go inside a Visitor Center, and they were glad they did.  Dave and I studied a 3-D map of Jerusalem that walked the observer through the Easter story-- it was very helpful to see as we will be making our trip in a few short weeks!  The kids really liked the life-sized Old Testament story dioramas in the lowest level.  I wish I would have had more time (and less tired kids) because the Book of Mormon is very interesting to me, and I enjoyed seeing a few of the dioramas set up from those stories as well.
 Scripture that God put in this exhibit to boost my homeschooling spirits-
 The kids were getting a bit squirrely by this time (having woken up 5:30am), so we headed back to the airport, found a quiet corner of a gate and camped out for a few hours.
 Alex tired herself out entertaining Vera.  Vera tired herself out watching Alex.  Nice.

Dave gave me his upgrade for the return flight (thanks, honey!), and since I have silver status, I was actually on the upgrade list too-- so we brought Carrie and baby to share our First Class seats.  Vera was the perfect travel companion-- she fell asleep right before take off and slept the entire flight.
Home again, home again........ and it's back to the bitter cold of MN!

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