Saturday, February 7, 2015

To Snowbird!

We are extraordinarily lucky to be able to travel!  It is one of the top priorities in our family life, and homeschooling has made it that much easier to just pick up and go!  Alex and Justin were on a formal schooling break, but they learned and grew so much from their week on the mountain.

in-between boarding, deplaning and reboarding for our flight!

First off, we're starting on Feb 8th.  There is an entire lost WEEK in the annals of the Adventures of Alex & Justin blog.... I had Influenza A.  I don't want to get bogged down in the details of my week, but let's suffice it to say there was a lot of kids watching movies, Mamas flat on their backs, a kind neighbor who took the kids so I could nap and more dirty dishes than humanly possible for a family of four.

I visited the Minute Clinic before we left, just to make sure my chest congestion wasn't turning into pneumonia (which, historically, happens to me) and got a lovely Codeine night time cough supressant so that I could sleep (and Dave could sleep).  Armed with that and my inhaler, we were off to Utah!

Well, the kids and I took off from MSP.  Dave finished up school for the week and joined us later that evening.  Carrie, Mary and Vera flew up from PHX and Bob had been there skiing for a few days already!  The only hiccup was that we ate up an extra hour at the airport boarding, unpacking, settling in, eating lunch, DEPLANING due to an engine issue, changing gates and reboarding.  Just a day in the life of a traveling kid.

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