Thursday, February 26, 2015

Midsummer Night's Dream.....for a 1st Grader

Alex saw a flyer for the Guthrie's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream yesterday.  She really thought it looked interesting.  Since I taught it to 5th graders in my former life, I decided 'why not' and got us two tickets for this Sunday.  This meant that we have approximately three days to learn all about the play before we go!
 We have a lovely illustrated Shakespeare book by Charles and Mary Lamb that has a nice little summary of the play, so we read through that first, making a character chart as we went.  Alex has read  Magic Treehouse: Shakespeare on a Summer Night, so she had some prior knowledge of who Shakespeare was and why he was important-- how great is that!
After we read through the plot(s), she illustrated her favorite scene-  Puck dripping the juice from the love-in-idleness flower. 
The next day I found a theater guide geared towards third graders online, and used some of it as a review.
 Basic it is, but I think she'll have a good idea of what is happening.  We also talked about the language of Shakespeare, and how it is important to watch the actors' body language and facial expressions to figure out what they mean.  Technically, the Guthrie only allows kids ages 8+, so she is also prompted to add a year onto her age if they ask ;-)  I love homeschooling!

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