Saturday, February 21, 2015

Hockey Player!

So.... we've decided to try something new.   Alex's little next-door friend has three older brothers who all play(ed) hockey.  Therefore, it is only natural that these two girls wanted to sign up to learn how to do it too......   And there you have it.   Hockey.   
I have to admit that they are pretty darn adorable in their hockey gear.
 Gotta be safe--
 I feel kind of guilty because I was asked today why Justin wasn't playing as well (the Intro class starts at age 4).  I honestly didn't even think of it.  After a non-successful skating class earlier this winter, giving my four year old a large stick and hockey skates was the last thing that would enter my mind.  He'll get his chance next year, after he has a little more ice time under his blades.
 Every new adventure is more fun when you have a friend with you!
 On the ice.  There is a WIDE range of ability level in this intro class.  I'd safely say Alex and Ana are in the bottom 25% for pure skating ability, but they sure improved in the hour they spent out there today.  I have no doubt that they will be zipping around very soon.  Alex was so focused on her instructor's directions that I couldn't even get her eye to wave.  Strictly business out there.

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