Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Birthday, Papa Bob!

The kids ALL got up bright and early for Papa Bob's birthday--  after a hearty breakfast, Alex and Justin headed down to Snowbird ski school.  
 Alex graduated to the "Mountain Adventurers" class, and Justin is officially a "Chickadee".  They both worked really hard and spent a full day (9-3) skiing and learning.  To say they were a bit tired at the end of it is an understatement!  After a quick hot tub dip for everyone (or legs for some who are too little to take that kind of heat), we dressed and headed to Papa Bob's birthday dinner at Shallow Shaft restaurant.
 We enjoyed riding the escalators while we waited for the shuttle....  again and again and again.

We had the best seats in the house-- right next to the window overlooking the mountain and beautiful sunset sky.  
 Even though we ate so early (5:30), the littles were very tired.  Alex was the only kid to make it through the whole meal.  She was rewarded with dessert.
Happy Birthday, Papa Bob!  So glad to be able to spend it with you on the mountain!

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