Friday, February 13, 2015

Continuing Adventures at the Top!

The remainder of the week followed a pretty set pattern-- Papa Bob, Carrie, Dave and I would go out in the morning.  After lunch we'd take the kids out (sometimes one at a time, sometimes together).  Justin really liked going over to the "Mini Miners Camp", a bumpy path through the trees that I declined to follow him on.  He LOVES jumps, and this was the perfect spot to do them.

Here's another video of my little ski-guy in action- 

 One afternoon we took the kids up the Tram to the top of the mountain.  We love doing this every year-- soon (maybe next year) Alex will be able to ski down from the top.  The cat-tracks are a bit narrow, though, so she needs to be confident doing that before we plunge into that new territory.

 At the top we visted the Avalanche Dogs and brought a box of treats for the handlers to give them.  Ridge, a retiree, was there today, and the kids got to meet him and actually pet him!  What a treat!
 A shot from the top-- someday we'll all head down the Road to Provo together--
 Alex's skis with the Cliff Lodge in the background.  Our home away from home!  What an amazing vacation-  we are so blessed!

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