Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Alta Adventure

Since both kids are skiing solid greens (and easy blues), we decided to take the inter-resort shuttle over to Alta.  They have some beautiful long, wide green groomers that were perfect for Speedy Gonzalez (Justin) and our more cautious, but very competent Alex.  Grandma Mary and Vera stayed back at the Cliff, but someday soon we'll have three littles to watch.
Justin's style:  fast.  He's pretty good at turning across the hill, but you need to remind him to do so.  We skiied under the chairlift one time, and a rider called out "Wow-- he has NO FEAR!"  Not sure that was a compliment, but Dave and Justin took it as one.
Alex's style:  cool, collected, safe and in control.  She is waaaay more like me.  You can tell that she's running drills in her head while she's skiing.  Always thinking!  You may notice she earned her poles!  That was her main goal this year, and her instructor agreed that she was ready.
 Due to the age difference, you'd think it would be hard to bring them both out, but they are skiing the same terrain.  Alex skiied some blue runs with me that I wouldn't bring Mr. Speeding Bullet on in a million years (due to steep cliff sides and the like).

We stopped mid-mountain for a delicious lunch (best burgers ever) and refueled for the second part of our day.

And on to more skiing!
My favorite photo from the day.  Alex was helping Justin across the flats by skating ahead and letting him hold onto her pole.  What a great sister!

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