Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Three Kings Day

Yesterday we took some 'art' time to paint our crowns for Three Kings Day.

Today was a break from normal school (who am I kidding, we had approximately 1 day of 'normal school' after Christmas anyway), while we cleaned up our Christmas decorations, decorated for dinner, made a Kings cake and went to get haircuts (not exactly an Epiphany activity, but why not throw it in there, too?)
We set up the decorations-  three candles, crowns, and our Kings Cake (with three hidden gems!)
My Epiphany illustration in a really cool double frame I found at Goodwill!

 The most exciting part of the day was finding out who got the gem.  Justin found one right away!  I was so proud of Alex who was the epitome of a good sport.  She congratulated her brother and didn't get upset at all.
And then, in the final two bites of her cake...she found one, too! 

(Hint....we used glass 'gems'....they sink to the bottom, so if the server sneaks a peek they can tell where the prizes are--)  Two kids with good luck for the whole year!  Sounds perfect to me!

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