Monday, January 12, 2015

Day Two: Magic Kingdom night

Alex, Cathleen and I had FastPasses to meet Ana and Elsa this evening (the HARDEST FP+ to get...especially if you are staying offsite-- I stalked the Disney FP+ app until I scored one at a time, and then massaged the times to make them overlap!), so we headed back to Magic Kingdom for the rest of the evening.  We had it timed perfectly to arrive JUST before the Festival of Fantasy parade, stake out a nice seat at the train station, grab a snack and relax to enjoy the show.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not in on our plans.
While I was grabbing a caramel apple (yum!), the drizzling started.  Due to impending weather, the parade was canceled (they threw a handful of characters on a trolley and drove it up the street ;-P) so we just headed straight to our FP+ for the Mine Train.  Alex opted out of this ride yesterday, but she was feeling brave today and decided to do it.
I *MAY* win parent-of-the-year for this photo alone.  She hated the rollercoaster part of the ride.  She was petrified.  BUT, she will readily admit that she LOVED the mine tour and seeing all the animals and dwarves working.....  she's a bit conflicted, but said that if we come back in a few years she'll probably ride it again.

Right after disembarking from the terrifying Mine Train ride, the skies OPENED up!  We scurried into the Pooh ride and just beat everyone else in Magic Kingdom who was looking for sanctuary.  We enjoyed our ride, but then got stuck in a very crowded gift shop, trying to find a way out!  Seriously, people, it's just rain.  
We had our gear and good humor so we headed to Tomorrowland to ride the People Mover and Buzz Lightyear in the downpour.  By the time we grabbed dinner (at Cosmic Ray's), most people had cleared out of the parks-- the water was ankle-deep and our belongings were all soaking wet.  We did have one VERY important last thing to do, however, before we headed home-

Ana and Elsa were both very sweet.  Alex enjoyed meeting them, but she did say that she likes the 'furry characters' better because they can't talk.  It puts too much pressure on her to hold a conversation with the princesses!  We headed back to the car, and luckily I had a dry change of clothing for her to ride home in.  What a fun and soaking wet end to the day!

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