Monday, January 12, 2015

Day Two: EPCOT morning

 The kids found Chip and Dale pretty early in the day-- Chip was VERY pleased to meet Justin's plush Chip....he teased Dale with it a bunch because Dale didn't have his own mini-me!  The kids thought it was hilarious.
 We got the whole crew in to see the Disney Chase Rewards character spot.  It's basically a 'secret' meet and greet only for people who have Disney Chase Rewards visa cards.  The characters change frequently, and they are never posted....the only way to know who is currently there is to check it out!  We had virtually no wait, and since it wasn't crowded Minnie and Pluto spent a lot of time with the kids.
 Minnie found her page in the Character Encyclopedia very adeptly.  Alex was impressed with her page-turning skills!
Of course, we hit the Imagination! Ride--(twice) Figment IS my kids' all-time favorite character.  Justin even picked out a small Figment plush to spend his hard-earned Disney Dollars on!
We met Grams, Gramps and Andy for lunch at the Coral Reef restaurant-- which was a very nice and relaxing place to eat.   Everyone had lovely meals (Alex had a special basket of gf bread brought to her seat!) and we enjoyed resting for a bit before hitting the Finding Nemo ride on the other side of the aquarium.

Alex, Cathleen and I headed over to the Magic Kingdom for the rest of the day (we had FastPasses to meet some very special people).  Dave and Justin stopped for a last photo op as they headed home.  Unfortunately, while they were taking their photo, someone stole their bag from right next to the photographer!  She was horrified, Justin was distraught at the loss of his new Figment, old Chip and some monorail tracks he had spent the last of his money on.  I was just saying prayers of thanksgiving that Dave's phone, wallet, and rental car keys were NOT in the bag!  A good reminder to the rest of us not to feel too 'safe' leaving our valuables (and semi-valuables) in our strollers when we went on rides. 


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