Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day Three: late start day or "Dale wants to elope with my Sister"

Today was our late start day.  We had reservations for the Tomorrowland Terrace Dessert Party this evening, and in order to make it that late for our kids, we had to plan a s-l-o-w day.
We spent the mornign playing with new toys and swimming....oh-- and counting the balls in ball pit.  The Sweet Escape has a scavenger hunt with a top prize of a free nights' stay.  Also, NOBODY in the vacation rental history has successfully completed it.  So....being the group of Type A, competitive personalities that we are, we were doing it.

After lunch at the house, we headed back to EPCOT.  I wanted to explore the World Showcase a bit before dinner with Mickey and friends at The Garden Grill.  Well, we didn't get too far into the countries because....
 We all had to ride Imagination a few more times...

We did make it to Mexico (to do the Three Caballeros boat ride) and Norway, to have some school bread.  Mange tak, Norway!

We met Rorie, Chris and Cathleen for dinner at The Garden Grill.  I went back and forth on this reservation, but I'm SO GLAD I made it, and I will lobby hard for dinner at GG every Epcot trip henceforth.  First off, the characters are so cute in their farm wear!
 The food was very good-- it's served family style, so there's something for everyone.  But Alex got an EXTRA special breadbasket and entree (GF, of course) and enjoyed the attention.
 We made a 4pm reservation (which is right when the restaurant opens), and we enjoyed a LOT of character time-- we got three or four visits from EACH character during our meal!  The first visit is always scrambling for pens and cameras, but the second and the third were pure magic.
Dale was HILARIOUS.  He was hands-down the best character interaction I've ever experienced.  He was very mischevious and naughty-- sneaking up behind Rorie and startling her.  He then 'apologized' and proceeded to fall deeply in love with her.  When we told him that she was engaged to Chris, he made a sign of a heart with his hands and then made it 'explode'--.  We missed video of the first part, but here's what happened a few moments later--

We were laughing so hard! The part where he sticks his finger in his mouth slays me! (and I asked to talk to the manager afterwards to make sure that she knew he was SPECTACULAR!)  Happy and full, we made our way to the Magic Kingdom to ride a few rides before checking in to the Dessert Party.

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