Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day Seven: Day Off at Downtown Disney!

For our last day in Paradise, we spent the morning swimming and finishing up our scavenger hunt answers at Sweet Escape.  Then we headed to downtown Disney for a last little shopping and lunch at the T-Rex cafe.  I was a bit worried that the kids would find it a little intimidating (they hide from the gorillas at Rainforest Cafe), but the preceeding week had definitely desensitized them enough so they could enjoy a fun meal!

 Outside the LEGO store, we found a substitute Kolachi!  Pretty sweet--
 The end of the day consisted of adults packing and tidying whilst the children played, played, played!  Gotta get those video games in while they still could!  Justin and Dave rigged up a pool noodle to keep the acceleration pedal down so that he could actually win the racing game!

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