Saturday, December 6, 2014

Justin's Dinosaur Train Party

Despite Daddy still being in CT this afternoon, Justin had a fantastic 4th birthday party.  We had it at our favorite indoor playground- The Giggle Factory.  Plenty of room for kids to run, parents to chat and chaos to ensue.  Actually, there was no chaos.  For a party of 9 preschoolers, 2 1st graders and 2 babies/toddlers, the kids were extremely well-behaved and AWESOME!  
 Justin got to invite some of his friends from The Children's Farm to the party.  We made an engineer bandanna for each one.  It was so fun to see him interact with his buddies--  here he is as the first friend arrived!  Completely ecstatic to be hosting a party!

Showing Brad his conductor watch.  Note the 'conductor' vest that I whipped together approximately 30 minutes before the party.  It was a request from the birthday boy that I had to make a reality.  I took an old (18month) shirt, cut it up the middle, sewed on a button and altered the sleeves to make it a vest.  A quick 'cricut' later, I affixed the title 'conductor' onto the breast 'pocket' and we were in business.
 As you can see, the colors of the Dinosaur Train party reflect the PBS show-- We don't really encourage pictures of characters to be at our parties, so we had to get creative.  I think it worked!
Alex and Emma had special "Crew Member" badges to make sure Justin's friends knew that they were doing rounds to help give pushes, boosts and catches at bottom of slides.  They are two awesome girls!

Daddy couldn't be here, but family representation was outstanding.  Papa Bob, Grandma Mary, Uncle Sam, Auntie Carrie, and Auntie Rorie attended the shindig. 
There was a little Swedish gnome there, too...

Birthday boy and "engineer t-rex" ready to ride the rails.

 And then it was time for cake.....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Justin Robert!  You are such a neat kid, and we were so happy to celebrate with you and your Dinosaur Train!

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