Friday, December 26, 2014

Hey, Boo boo!

Our Christmas has REALLY just begun.  We like to subscribe to the 12 Days of Christmas philosophy, and celebrate all the way through Epiphany.  GranMama and GranPapa came up from Iowa to spend some time with us.  GranMama brought a very special treat-- a few episodes of her favorite childhood cartoon- Yogi Bear.  We went wild and crazy and let them indulge in some good-All-American cartoon time. The kids loved it!

The next day, Uncle Willy, Miss Toni (and their two dogs Tikva and Frodo), and Auntie Rorie and Chris all came for a sleepover!  We feasted, opened presents, played like CRAZY and had a wonderful time.....  except for Kolachi who had a hard time sharing her home with two other dogs.  We had a rotating canine system set up to let everyone spend some kennel-free time over those two days.  Sigh.... Now we know.

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