Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dec 7: Cutting our Tree

As a BONUS birthday activity, we headed out to the tree farm with Grandma Mary and Papa Bob.  Funny story-- you know how there's always that one family dragging a tree that is obviously to big for a normal house?  That was totally us.  Dave fell in love with our 'Rockefeller' tree, and it came home with us.  We did have to cut a good 6" off the base for it to fit in the house...but it's beautiful!  AND we had fun 'hunting' for it :-)

Grandma Mary, Alex and Kolachi enjoy the 'pre-game' fire.

Ready, set, go!

slightly reluctant Justin-- but a cute photo of everyone else!

The conquering heroes bring in the fallen.
warming up with some hot cider while Daddy settles the tree bill
Our new tree.....on our NEW VAN.  Did I forget to mention that we finally sold the old Odyssey and upgraded to a new one?  We were the beneficiaries of a very generous 'mother's day' present that we've been waiting a LONG time to coordinate.  I love it!

 So........that will TOTALLY fit, huh, Dave?  

 Justin took his job very seriously.

 What you can't quite see is that I am holding a St. Olaf ornament.  Because there's now a big blue Yale ball on my tree and I need to represent.

 I think this is the prettiest tree the MN Marotz family has ever had.  I'm definitely enjoying it!

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