Thursday, December 25, 2014

Dec 25: Merry Christmas!

...And what a celebration we had!  The kids got up BRIGHT and early to see what Santa left them--
Two ride-on ponies (and a third for baby Vera-- he was being very efficient in his delivery system, since he knew she would be over later in the day).
Dave likes to call this "The Christmas from the past" because the kids got a bunch of classic toys-- view master, a spirograph, a baking soda powered diving submarine, bugs encased in know....normal stuff!

Like wooden Christmas porridge spoons from Sweden--  We stuck an almond in the pot to see who would be lucky this year.  Somehow BOTH kids ended up with an almond in their bowls!  A Christmas miracle!
 The rest of the morning was spent riding the ponies in various forms and fashions--  building LEGO sets and leafing through what seems like HUNDREDS of new books for Alex!
 ...and then we hosted Vera and her family for a Christmas Day lunch.
 She was not too excited about the horse...yet....just wait a few years, V!
 Justin loves his "Cinnamon" because it is the same colors as the REAL Cinnamon at Farm School.

Merry Christmas!

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