Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dec 24: Christmas Eve Day

We spent the morning skiing as a family through ICEE-like snow.  The kids did so well that we ventured off of our little green run and they breezed down a few blues.  Now that she knows she can do it, Alex is raring to be adventurous and explore the 'mountain'!
After our exciting morning, we attended the children's service at Church, where we sang all the BEST carols and got to see a puppet play!  FINALLY, (according to both kids), it was time to go home and open the family presents.
Kolachi was the first one to receive her gift-- a new Lambchop toy!  She loved ripping open the wrapping paper--

 The kids each get three presents on Christmas Eve.  Something to wear (a short sleeve shirt and shorts for our upcoming FL trip), something to read (age-appropriate books) and something to do. 
Justin got this large wooden train.
 Alex got a view master and a bunch of slides to go with it.  We totally scored thrift-store wise this year!

 After presents, we turned off all the lights (except the Christmas tree), lit all our candles and enjoyed a 'traditional' Christmas lasagna.

 Then it was time to leave Santa's milk, cookies and veggies.  He got a bit of soymilk eggnog this year for a special treat!
 Since we have to worry about naughty German Shepherds stealing food left by the fireplace, Santa got a note directing him to the kitchen table-
 "Cookies and Eggnog at the table.  Love Alex and Justin"

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