Monday, December 22, 2014

Dec 22: Making and Decorating Cookies!

It's time for sugar cookies!  We're using our favorite Heritage Wheat flour to make our low-gluten cookies this year.  I'm excited because I bet they'll turn out really well (if the gingerbread cookies were any indication!)

I had a little help (miniscule, really) baking them.  My helpers showed up for the cookie painting party, though.  They always do!  We made some royal icing (with egg yolks this year!) and got to work dying the colors.  We used our all-natural India tree food coloring to avoid the artificial stuff  (although the black was from a 'normal' tube).  The colors are a bit muted-- no red red red, but I think they ended up gorgeous!
This is the best sifter ever.  

 Both kids were very deliberate and intense with their process this year.  Justin did some really nice trees and even went back to add Christmas lights on a second round.  Although.... he did forget to wait for the first layer to dry, so we ended up with some pretty cool tie-dyed looking trees.
Mittens are traditionally my favorite cookie to decorate because of all the space available for your design.  I reluctantly agreed to let my daughter 'have' one of 'my' mittens to decorate, and she blew me away with her rainbow stripes and white overlay dots.  Wow!  The apple doesn't fall too far from the stylistic tree, huh?
 After one and a half hours of painting, we inspect the final product (and eat the broken ones).  Nicely done, children.  Nicely done.

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