Saturday, December 13, 2014

Dec 13th: A Star is Born!

Alex decided to participate in our Church's annual musical!  I was very surprised by her decision (as she has historically been very nervous to perform), and was super-excited for her.  These kids rehearsed, rehearsed, rehearsed.  From early November they met twice a week to learn the music and moves.  As a first grader, she was a part of the chorus, but I think we ALL memorized the catchy songs and dialogue due to the practice cd being constantly on repeat.
On the day of her first performance (they had three shows), she was excited to perform!  (She said as long as everyone else is singing, she's not nervous).
 I think the best part of this whole experience was learning how to make new friends.  She was quite nervous about being dropped off at the beginning of the rehearsals, but by the last few she practically ran in herself.  There are some really nice kids and families who go to our Church-- it's fun to see her start some friendships!

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