Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dec 10: Toys for Tots

With the glut of presents that come into the house for Justin's birthday and the glut of presents that will come into the house in a few short weeks, it's important to me that the kids realize how privileged our lives are.  Today our activity was to go to the toy store (the BIG toy store, the one that we never shop at ourselves) and pick out two presents to go to Toys for Tots children.

The key to getting two kids to complete this exercise is to thoroughly explain parameters beforehand.  They know that they will NOT be bringing anything home for themselves.  They know that they WILL be spending $5 of their own money, matched by $5 of mom & dad's money apiece.  They know that they have to pick out something that would make THEM happy if it were under their tree.
It actually went really well.  I was prepared to spend a long time looking at things, comparing them, having a hard time making decisions, but we were in and out of the store in 20 minutes.  Alex found a little kitten stuffed animal that you could feed a bottle on the first end-cap display we walked past.  Justin easily picked out a Lego set.  Done and done!  They deposited their toys in the bin at the front of the store, we said a little prayer that God will get those toys to the PERFECT children, and we went to Wendy's for a celebratory lunch.  It's not much, but hopefully it plants a seed.  We've been able to adopt a family in years past, (which is not happening this year due to tight budgets), but at least we can continue the giving in a smaller sense.

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