Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"And I will call him George..."

I'm behind on the Christmas Card ordering thing, too.....   so today, in order to 'fill a square' on the card design I picked, I needed a photo shoot with the cat and bunnies.
 Alex and Justin were happy to oblige me.  I wasn't quite sure how this was going to work-- I knew the two bunnies would try and bug each other if they were right next to one another, but I wasn't convinced that putting a cat in between them was the answer.
 Turns out it was.  Percy was only too happy to snuggle in and start grooming his bunnies.  He's always shown gentle and kind interest when we've been brushing the point of being removed from the hutch area because he kept getting in the way.  Today was his day to shine.
 "And I will kiss him and love him and squeeze him and hug him and I will name him George..."  - Percy
 Here you go buddy-- there's the spot...  and now on to your little friend.
 We were giggling so hard it was difficult to convince Percy to stop.  I mean, there's only so much Petromalt can work on.  This cat may have quite the hairball in the near future.  To the bunnies' credit, their resting heart rate didn't raise at all.  They are quite the cool and relaxed fellows.
"What in the blazes just happened to me?" - Basil

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