Monday, November 10, 2014

SNOW?!?! And hot cross buns...

Alex and Justin came running into our room this morning at 4:30am.  "Mama, Daddy, there's SNOW on the ground!!"  Indeed, there was...

After our first outside playtime, we decided to get to work using our new flour.  We made some hot cross buns (Justin's weekly story had his gnome, Juniper, making the same things in preparation for Martinmas).  We decided to attempt them completely from scratch.  This included making the butter.
A few years ago, I picked up a reproduction Daisy hand churn from an antique store.  I didn't really know if it would actually work, but I got it out of my 'present box' and we tried it out. 
I still don't know if it would really work, because we quickly switched to using the blender--- which did.  Much faster.  But it was still fun to try. 
 The verdict:  Alex and I loved them!  Justin wasn't much of a fan (I think the grinder got loosened a bit when we were processing our wheat berries, and they were a bit 'multi-grainy' for his taste).  He did manage to lick the icing off a few, though, before declaring his indifference to the bread itself.
The perfect project for our first snowy day!

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