Saturday, November 22, 2014

Meeting Odin

Meet my new 'nephew' - Odin.  A Norwegian Forest kitten.....we are ALL smitten!
Justin has declared that he is asking Santa for a kitten this year.  I would jump right on the bandwagon if Percy was ok with the idea.  In short, he is not.  Very not.

Kolachi, however, is.  Kolachi and Odin became fast friends-- she even let him in her kennel.  It might be the painkillers talking (she's a few days out of her spay surgery, which went well), but he is pretty much the best thing in the world!

Aside from cute kitten antics, we've been busy celebrating Justin's birthday (early).  Grams and Gramps brought a piñata
 .....  AND a fireman costume!

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