Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bunny Wool Harvest #1

So.......  we have two Angora bucks in full coat.   Now what?
 I am SO a kinesthetic learner.  I need to have someone show me what to do!  YouTube videos and books are ok, but when it comes to the art of shearing bunnies, I have no idea what I'm doing!
Luckily the Facebook universe connected me with another fiber person who was able to 'talk' me through the process.  She suggested using a we began.
 It ended up taking about four days (of short sessions, as to not stress anyone out), but we collected a LOT of fiber.  I combed the fur and then, using a short steel rake, pulled all the dead fiber from the bunny.  It was really weird, and I was afraid of hurting them, but once I got a little more aggressive the fur started to fly! 
We ended up collecting a tub of good fiber from each bunny.  A few days later I went back with a blunt tipped pair of scissors and cleaned up bottoms and tummies.  This fiber went into a separate container-- hopefully I can use it for stuffing someday.  And now, to learn the art of least the fiber isn't going anywhere and I can take my time!

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