Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Scandinavian Thanksgiving

I am really feeling in the Christmas spirit this year.  Perhaps it is the early snow that's sparking this?  I don't know, but I just CAN'T wait--  this year I'm going to go for a very Scandinavian feel.  I'll add more 'Christmas' after Thanksgiving, but I had to get started before people came!

 I repurposed a birch branch (formerly seen as a tree during Alex's Frozen party) for a hanging centerpiece.  I am in LOVE with this look-- it may just stay year-round and I can change out the bird for the season (robin-spring, cardinal-winter, bluebird-summer, etc.)
 Our advent wreath (Alex made this at Waldorf school a few years ago) is all set to go.  This Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent, so it's not too out of place.  The placemat it's on I picked up at Ikea a few weeks ago.
 I found this carved 'thing' (any guesses?) at the Hudson, WI Goodwill, and couldn't leave it behind.  It's holding my Sami reindeer slippers, Alex's baby slippers and Justin's baby slippers.  Next to it is a little wooden guy I got in Russia during college.
 My dala horse collection.  I picked up one in Sweden, a few on EBAY, a few in Goodwill (love that place!) and the two primitive ones my mom got from garage sales/flea markets in northern Minnesota.
 Oh-- hi Odin!  Welcome to my Scandinavian Thanksgiving, my Norwegian Forest nephew!
 We instituted a new tradition this year-- writing and hanging leaves on a 'gratitude tree' for everyone to read and reflect upon.  I left the tree up for a few weeks because it was so nice to see the blessings in our lives!
 Behind Kolachi you can see my lefse lady painting that I brought home from Norway.  Also the two circle plaques that I found, again, in Hudson, WI (I was really lucky that day).  One is in Norwegian and one is in English-- both wedding presents that now have a new family.

 Justin and Alex got to use the very special glasses from Great-Grandma Alice for their sparkling juice.  They were quite excited!
 Thanksgiving feast!
 Remember those days?  Trying to feed yourself and your child at the same time?  This photo cracks me up.....

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