Friday, October 10, 2014

The Suite of the Bunny Gentlemen

Remember when I commented that those little wire hutches our rescue bunnies were in were temporary?  Well, they were less temporary than even I imagined.  GranMama had it in her heart to give our family an  early Christmas present-- two brand new bunny hutches.
I ordered them through amazonsmile (supporting our favorite charity- Human Outreach Project, of course) and they arrived at our doorstep a few weeks later.  I impressed my children (and my husband) by putting them together on my own --  I channeled a much younger stage-crew version of myself who loved power tools-- and then it was time to figure out the flooring and containment system.  I found these 'small' pet gates online as well.  They seem to be the perfect height to let bunnies wander and children step over to take care of said bunnies.  We had a full-size gate around their other hutches, and they were having 'problems' marking their territory because they took turns in the outside space.  That problem is solved!
The one note I have is that ever since moving into these new hutches, there has not been ONE SINGLE ACCIDENT!  These two have transitioned beautifully into house rabbits.  They use their litter boxes to urinate!  Yay!!!  I was nervous because the old hutches were wire-bottomed, and I was always cleaning up the little mats they sat on because they'd pee on them.  Poor that they have a 'regular floor', they are really keeping themselves much cleaner!
So....a tour:

All of my hutch cleaning supplies are kept in a wicker chest in the hallway.  Hidden! 
 It also doubles as seating when one is watching the bunnies.
 You can see that the former library/art studio has been completely transformed into the Bunny Suite.  I'd still like to get rid of my red card catalog, but for not it works to store art supplies.
 If you look behind Victor's hutch, you can see a little bunny organization corner.  Below the wall shelf are our two steel containers:
Above the hay and litter is a shelf that I may have rehomed from the playroom.  We have our brushes, treats, vitamins and jars of wool that we are slowly collection.
 Next to the wall shelf is the perfect little hutch-cleaning broom and dustpan.  I picked it up in Sweden this summer and was imagining Justin using it to sweep up...I don't know...the table or something.  But it was really for our bunnies!!  While they pee in their litterboxes, the occasional pellet (or twenty) will roll around the hutch floor.  This makes it really easy to sweep them up into a bucket that we bring out to the garden as mulch!

Next to the wall shelf is our former hallway shelf that holds bunny enrichment materials and food.  On top is our little Waldorf bunny hutch with representatives of our family (the little girl is currently MIA, but we have one!).  Note the cat on the top of the hutch.  This is eerily accurate (see second photo in this post).
To personalize the hutches a bit, I bought two wooden plaques from Michaels and woodburned a scene onto each one of them.  This is Justin and Victor:
 And this is Alex and Basil:
 Inside the hutches you can see that there are two-levels attached by a ramp.  It took a couple of days for the bunnies to fully grasp the concept of 'going upstairs', but we'll find them there now and then.  They have a litter pan/bed in the little private room, as well as an enrichment toy hanging from the ceiling.  Basil seems to enjoy his little 'bed' area much more than Victor does...

 The fence that separates the two play areas is reinforced.  Despite being sweet and friendly to people (and even cats), these two can NOT be in the same area at the same time.  Because they are both unaltered males, there is some definite dominance issues they attempt to work out.  I made sure that they couldn't get to each other through this middle fence either.
Who?  Me?  Bite my brother????
 Enjoying a carrot.  They are both getting big and fluffy and I swear since we moved them into these hutches they're even friendlier than ever.  When we open the doors they hop right out into our laps.
 Justin will lay on the ground and Victor will come and investigate, 'tickling' him with little bunny whiskers.
I've bonded with these two and it's safe to say that they are a permanent part of the Marotz family!  Next up, learning to spin angora wool into yarn!


Latin Garden said...

Hi! Wonderful! I'm italian..& i want give to my rabbit a sweet home. Where do you found the fance in the photo? :)

Martha Tigges said...

Do you let your rabbits roam your house or just in the set up you have. Because mine is similar to yours and I at this point don't let mine out. Just curious.