Monday, October 27, 2014

Sumac Lemonade

On our nature walk the other day, Alex and I foraged some sumac berries.  According to my wild edibles book, we could make a sumac lemonade from them.
 These are most likely Staghorn Sumacs, and although we are technically beyond the 'prime harvesting' season, we decided to give it a good try.  I'm glad we did!  They were delicious!

After consulting both my book and this website, we decided to just infuse the berries in cold water.  Alex and I took turns hand 'bruising' (smushing) the berries and then we let them sit for the duration of our morning excursion (about 45 minutes).

Strain with a cheesecloth and voila!  Sumac Lemonade.  I tried it straight up and enjoyed the tart berry taste.  The kids definitely preferred a spoonful of sugar in theirs.
 I think if we harvested closer to 'prime time', we'd get a much deeper pink color.....we were pretty conservative with our 'bruising' as well.  The taste is reminscent of rosehips-- lots of vitamin C!

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