Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Seven Kisses when I candles on my cake

We have a Seven year old!!  Alexandra woke up this morning and tiptoed downstairs to peek at the birthday table before we ate her birthday breakfast!  Daddy has to fly out of town this morning, but he was able to stay home and celebrate with us in the early hours. 
Letters and cards from family and friends waited for her-
 As did the ritual Panda cup, her birthday crown (which she commented was getting a bit tight...eek!).
 The wooden birthday ring ornaments are a day late in arriving, so Mama improvised with a homemade '7', which did the trick for the moment.

 I think 85-90% of the presents Alex received this year were of the literary variety.  Daddy gave her a copy of Bunnicula,  Uncle Willy and Miss Toni gifted her a 10 volume set of Hank the Cowdog stories.  Auntie Rorie started her off on her adventures with The Boxcar Children and Uncle Sam and Auntie Carrie began her science fiction library with The Neverending Story and The Last Unicorn.  Grandma Mary tapped into the dragon vein and gave her a set of Dragon Keepers books.  We're going to have to find a good organization system for her private library!

 Speaking of organization, Justin gave her her first LEGO sets.  She was thrilled (because this is a HUGE breach of the 'no plastic' toy policy), and I was thrilled because even though they're plastic, LEGOs are just good creative open-ended toys.
She got a dress from Mama and we had all day to just play with our new toys and read our new books.  Fantastic!

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