Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Interstate State Park- Scrambling and Potholes

We've posted about our past visits to this great state park (2011, 2013) , but today we met up with our Homeschool Group to take part in a guided tour of the potholes.  The naturalist that led the group was absolutely fantastic-- she was engaging and informative without being overwhelmed by the huge age span of our group! 

We met up and scrambled around for an hour or so.  There are many little potholes that can be found in the rocks up and around the visitor center.  Alex and Justin both practiced 'three point scrambling' (where they have to touch the rock with three points of their body at all time) and challenged themselves!  Justin, in particular, was very proud of his accomplishments.  It helps to have a bunch of bigger kids running around, awakening you to the possibilities of scaling rock walls! 

The tour started at 11:30, but by 12:00 or so, my kids were definitely feeling "peopled-out".  We're all true introverts, and while we enjoy the company of others, 35 kids and their adults were a bit draining to be around.  We quietly snuck out at an appropriate point of the lecture and had a few quiet moments on the trail back to the car.

Looking up from the bottom of a giant glacial pothole!

Fall is definitely here, and we are ENJOYING it!


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