Monday, October 6, 2014

Ice Palace Party!

OK-  gird your loins-- this is a big post.  It was a BIG day!  The party set-up started approximately two weeks ago, when I drove around Woodbury and Cottage Grove picking up the Christmas trees of kind friends and strangers.  I had a vision... (yes...I am quite aware that this is c-r-a-z-y, but we had a BLAST!)

As our visitors entered, they noticed some birch trees pointing the direction of the 'ice palace'.  (Thank you, dear husband David, for pulling over on the side of the Gunflint Trail so that I could harvest fallen birch branches!)
The sign led to the basement door, at which point some romantic, magical lighting took over.  Note:  Dave wins Father of the Year for getting really exciting about the lighting for this party.  And...who is that showing you the way?
We decided that since Elsa's Ice Palace was on a mountain, Alex's Ice Palace should be in a valley....just in case you get confused about where you are.  So-- the path down the valley would be a journey from warm to 'frozen'.  Just a few snowflakes on the first trees, but once you get to the Palace, the Winter Wonderland is in full effect.
(note the snowflake flurry on the wall.....thank you, dear Cricut Explore machine!)
There was even a frozen river to cross!
And then they arrived at the Ice Palace.  Tulle ceiling drapery, lots and lots and LOTS of paper snowflakes hung from the ceiling and walls!
The banquet table was icy cold...with doilies for place chargers and personalized (plastic) champagne glasses filled with yogurt-covered raisins.
The main table cover was thrifted from Goodwill, but the snowflake fabric came straight from a little fabric store in Norway that I ducked into on my summer adventure.
The other side of the room was a reading corner and craft table.
We filled our own glass ornaments with snowy and icy decorations.
 The reading corner was all set up with some quiet activity options:
Our cake table was in the 'coldest spot' in the house-
Note the icy windows!
And now the food details....this was an afternoon party, so we just had some healthy snacks...
And, of course, some unhealthy but delicious ones...
As the party started, we received word that a very important visitor was on her way.  She heard about Alex's Ice Palace and just had to check it out for herself (she's somewhat of an expert on Ice Palaces)-
Queen Elsa joined in the party fun!  She helped make the ornaments-

 There was a snowball fight.... (giant craft pom-poms)
Some of our smartest guests found refuge in the forest....
And then we enjoyed some storytime-- Elsa had two new adventures to tell the kids about.
Grandma Mary and Papa Bob joined us for a bit...
Olaf joined in on the fun--
We feasted:

Alex's Ice Palace Party was a complete success!  It was a lot of work, but totally worth it.  My little girl will only turn seven once-- it was a very magical party for a very magical age!


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kandace kellner said...

Mommy of the year. Seriously. I love it!