Friday, October 24, 2014

Exploring Sunfish Lake Park

My intrepid explorer and I  (and our adventurous pup) dropped Justin off at Farm School today and went to find an adventure of our own.  We decided to visit our favorite sledding site (Sunfish Lake Park in Lake Elmo) to see what it looked like during the fall.  Even though there were a few other vehicles in the parking lot, we didn't find anyone else there!
We started off with a good tramp.
 And some deep, deep sniffs!
 Sometimes tramping and sniffing uncover new friends--
   Then Alex decided she wanted to draw some sumac berries.
 "I will wait patiently for you to be done.  Sort of.  If you count wandering aimlessly and wanting to follow every scent trail I come across as waiting."
 Nature observations are a huge part of our curriculum.  It's amazing what a kid-directed science class will uncover.  We discovered that sumac berries are edible (if they're the red kind), and we foraged for a few bunches.  Tomorrow we'll soak them and make what is described as a 'pink lemonade' in our wild edibles book.  Updates to come!
 Oh-- by the way, my nature trekker also lost another tooth last night.  Check out that jack-o-lantern smile, just in time for Halloween!

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